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Goa Art and Culture

The finest art and culture of Goa makes it look different from the other states of India. Itís a treasure land that showcases exquisite handicrafts, music, poetry and traditional arts. The folk paintings of Goa have found its emergence from the traditional Indian epics, namely the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. People of Goa are friendly in nature. Itís a place where you can find peoples enjoying Christmas and Diwali together with same passion. The blend of west and the east culture provides a different aspect of knowing Indian culture in Goa. Visit Goa to admire the unique tradition and culture of this state.

Folk Dances of Goa : Folk dances of Goa connect the present with the past civilization of Goa. In fact, the folk dances of Goa impart continuity to the civilization of Goa. The folk dances of Goa add glory in defining the rich cultural heritage of Goa. One can find many expressions displaying the lifestyle and cultural influence of different period and different rules in the folk dances of Goa.

Handicrafts in Goa : Handicrafts or handiworks are the prime attraction of traditional products of Goa ranging from pottery to bamboo work, which significantly contribute to the livelihood of the local people. Articles made of using natural material like coconut husk or palm leaves put another signature to the handicrafts in Goa. Craftsman loves to color their wooden items in vibrant colors as red, green, yellow and white to make their products more eyes catchy and momentous. These multihued wooden items or chitaris serves as key attraction in Goa tourism.

Art Gallery And Handicraft Center : The Big Foot Art Gallery is one of the magnificent places that have played a leading role to host artists of the State. The Art Gallery is regarded is as a means to endorse amateur artisanship in all its form. An exhibition of art is held at Artistís Camps that lasts upto three days. The exhibition work also displays work done by the school children. Their art work includes poster and drawing competition. You can find the craftsmanship in artifacts at the Art Gallery. The Art Gallery Exhibition is open to the public free of cost. The handicraft centre is easily accessible to the tourists.