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Chapora Fort

junagarh.jpgThe Chapora Fort was built by the ruler of Bijapur, Adil Shah. The Fort gets its name from the Chapora River that flows by the fort. The Chapora Fort Goa is in ruins now, though it still retains traces of glory that it must have had originally. The fort is made of red laterite stones. Its location on a sheer cliff made it almost impregnable, and afforded a view of the sea and the land for miles around. Today, you can climb to the ramparts of the Chapora Fort Goa are gaze in silent contemplation at the sea, the only thing that has not fallen to the vagaries of time.

The Chapora Fort Goa dates back to 1617, is one of the finest examples of Portuguese architecture. Close to the Chapora Fort Goa lies the Anjuna Beach, the site for many rave parties. The Chapora beach, on which the Chapora Fort Goa stands, has many picture pretty fishing hamlets you can explore.

Aguada Fort

images/Lallgarh-Palace,-Goa .jpgThe grand fort of Aguada was constructed in 1612 in order to prevent the entry of ships into the river Mandovi thus protecting old Goa from enemy attacks. Located at a distance of 12 km from Panjim, Fort Aguada boasts of the first ever light house in Asia. Equipped with ammunition rooms, Church and barracks, Fort Aguada was the first line of defence as far the Portuguese control over the region of Goa was concerned.

Presently serving as the Central Jail, Fort Aguada has witnessed many historical battles and moments some of which have had a direct impact on the health of the fort itself. The tower bell which survived centuries of weather and movements before being installed into the Church of Lady of Immaculate Conception, tells all the stories of adventures of the Fort of Aguada.

Majorda beach

images/shivbari.jpgMajorda beach is a serene beach which is hemmed by crystal clear water of Arabian sea and long queues of palm groves. The fact that the nearby village has few places to accommodate visitors helps to keep the beach quiet and clean.

Along with the soft sand and unique marine world, Majorda beach is also well known for its bakery and toddy. Majorda beach is the first place in Goa where the tradition of baking breads in European style has started. Till date residents of this place are considered as the best bakers in entire Goa. Majorda beach is also well known for its windy make shift restaurants, where you can enjoy endless arrays of delicacies from fresh seafood to the schezhuan specialties and steaks.

Bogmalo Beach

images/bhaironji.jpgBogmalo Beach, Goa is just the right beach for you if you are looking for an uncluttered, sweet and secluded beach with safe swimming sea and plenty of place to drink, eat and shop around. The name of Bogmalo Beach, Goa comes from the village that is situated in its vicinity by the same name.

The ambiance here is just right for holiday and honeymoons as you can get as much privacy and fun, as you would ever want – and more. Bogmalo Beach, Goa might not a very long stretch of the typically dreamy coast, but it is more than enough to give you a superb holiday.

The beauty of Bogmalo Beach, Goa is further enhanced by the mysterious little islands that peep at you from behind Bagmalo Beach Resort, Goa (a Hotel of the Oberoi chain) and the many silted shipwrecks around them.

Goa Carnival

images/devikund.jpg Goa is admired and chiefly visited by tourists in the month of February when the carnival presents a new life to the state. Goa Carnival is one of the keenly awaited occasions both by Goans and travelers. Origin of Goa Carnival is believed to have arrived from the 450 year long Portuguese rule. The word ‘Carnival’ is supposed to have originated from Portuguese word 'Carnaval' which refers to ‘abandoning of meat’.

It is the starting of the 40 days of interlude of Lent period during which the asceticism from meat is enforced. Initiated in the 18th century by the Portuguese, Goa Carnival is a three-day event and is commemorated mostly by the Christians. Steadily the event riveted some of the Hindu cultures and has traversed the peripheries of the state or belief.

Goa carnival is celebrated in February. The traditions of the festival generally start on Fat Saturday or Sabado Gordo and finishes on Shrove Tuesday. The emphasis of the outstanding rage of cheerfulness is the rendezvous and advent of King Momo and his attendants to Panaji on Fat Saturday, the Carnival eve.

Benaulim Beach

images/bhandeshwar-jain-temple.jpgForty one kilometres away from Goan capital, Panaji and two kilometres away from the longest beach Colva is Benaulim beach. Legend has it that this is the place where an arrow shot by Lord Parshuram, sixth incarnation of Vishnu landed. The arrow shifted back the hills hence forming the Konkan. The place was hence named Banavli (ban means arrow) and later got corrupted to Benaulim by Portuguese. The place is also special for Christians as it's the birth place of the venerable Father Joseph Vaz. If you wish to be at some place close to nature and totally untouched, than Benaulim is the place for you. Though it gets fairly crowded in evenings and weekends.

Cabo de Rama Fort

images/GajnerPalace.jpgThe Cabo De Rama fort located in the Canacona district of Goa is yet another famous fort in India. The fort has an interesting story as to how it derived its name. It is said that Lord Rama of the famous Hindu epic Ramayana took shelter here with his wife Sita. This was during the time when they were banished from the kingdom and were sent on a 14 year long exile in the forests of India. The Cabo De Rama fort of Goa is also known as Cape Rama and is a very old fort which has been located here since ancient times.

The Fort was first occupied by Hindu rulers who spread their empire all over India. The fort has exchanged hands between Hindu, Muslim and Portugal rulers and has seen some of the most gruesome battles fought in history. The Portugal rulers waged battles against the Hindu rulers and established their right over the fort around 1763. It was abandoned when the Portuguese left this place. Later, this fort housed a government prison till 1955 and was abandoned again. Today, this fort is a bit ruined but is a popular tourist attraction.

Pearl of the Orient

images/srisadul.jpg Pearl of the Orient is a mixture of natural and cultural heritage cruise cum walking tour.This cruise takes one to the enchanting world, along the river of peace, warmth and tranquility.One can feel the beauty of the endless sights and sounds, the luring beauty of nature.These sights fascinate and captivate the tourists,completely.

Candolim Beach

images/gangamuseum.jpg Candolim is a beach that is very much in North Goa. The most basic attraction is Aguda Fort & Calangute Beach. The best time to visit this place is from December To February.

Candolim Beach is quite peaceful than other beaches of Goa. This sandy stretch runs into Calangute Beach, a busy and commercialized center. The beach itself is long and straight, backed by scrub-covered dunes, which is very popular with package tourists. These beaches are quite peaceful and it is a dispersed village with no real center.

Candolim is very quite, and this is due to the fact that there aren’t resorts all around the beach. It's a subtle mixture of people taking break from the Rajneesh Ashram in Pune, Tourist for long and short-term period, and nature lovers.

Dona Paula Beach

images/sungate.jpg Dona Paula Beach is one of the most sought after beaches in Goa. A meeting point of the Zuari and Mandov rivers the Dona Paula Beach, once a silent village today is one of the most commercialized areas of Goa. An ideal holiday spot for tourists and locals alike this beach is also known as the Lovers Paradise. Named after the daughter of one of the viceroy’s of India Dona Paula de Menzes, who jumped off the cliff because she was not permitted to marry a local fisherman, this beach is haunted by mysticism and divine beauty.

A tourist’s paradise the Dona Paula Beach is famous for its seaside shopping, sunbathing, water sports and food shacks.

Star Cruise

images/kalibangan.jpgStar Cruises, you can Dance & sing the night away at the discotheque and karaoke lounge. It also inhabits a Stardust Lounge were one can enjoy Cocktails and pre-dinner lounge. The entertainment section of the cruise liner is the perfect hangout for party-goers who also want to party in style. The lounge is also ideal for those who want to drink some beers and play a couple of rounds of texas holdem poker or darts with their friends or peers. Also, for those who have a thing for music, they sing the night away and enjoy the lounge's unique theme that create an extraordinary ambiance for every who wants to relax and have fun.

Blackwater Thrills

images/srisadul.jpgExplore a whole new world of cruising with Backwater. You can thrill yourself by cruising to dam on a motorboat. You are treated specially and world-class amenities are provided for your comfort like Natural Hydrotherapy of Gushing water and Herbal massage at the dam. Turn your holiday into an unforgettable experience.

This cruise operates on every Tuesday and Friday from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.The rates for this journey is 550/- per person inclusive of snacks and cold drinks on the board of the launch and lunch at Savoi Verem plantation.These cruises have a minimum booking of 5 seats.

Dolphin Fantasy Cruise

images/katariasar.jpg Venture into the sea, Watch the dark graceful water beauties in a playful mood and the rhythmic dance of love. Sight closely, the head lands jutting out into the sea, Crowned on either side by Raj Bhavan, Aguada Fort & Reis Magos.

Days of operation: On every Monday only.
Timings: From 9.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
Rates: Rs. 250/- per person inclusive of snacks and cold drinks.

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

images/Gajner-wildlife-sanctuary.jpgAlong the north from Panaji on the road to Belgaum, is a sanctuary that covers 240-sq-kms. Thick forest clad the slopes of the Western Ghats that is rich in wildlife and a paradise for bird watchers. Police Outpost at the gateway of the sanctuary in calm and quiet surroundings is like a painting on a canvas in Malem.

There are important geographical and historical features in this sanctuary. Jeeps on private arrangements go to the interior of the forest. Mahabir is particularly known for its Leopards, Elephants, Deers & Gaur Or Indian Bison.

Anjuna beach

kashi vishvanath Anjuna beach is the most happening of all beaches, one rather say its the mother of all beaches in Goa. This freak capital of the world is on holiday round the year. Bordered by red laterite cliffs and white sands, the beach presents a contrasting color view. And ever swinging with winds, coconut plantation just adds to the serenity of enjoying a cool breeze on the beach. People flocking this beach are so varied in their interests, yet they all come to Anjuna for the same reason. No one wants to miss the sensation of being on a beach that has been the hub of trance parties since decades. The magic of Anjuna beach can't be put to words, only experienced, maybe in a hopping beach party under a moon lit sky.

History of Anjuna beach is quite young. The beach was 'discovered' sometime in 1950's and 60's by a group of travellers and then they began to meet here in dry season to party.